Gartner Digs Deep Into Digital Personalization Engines and References WalkMe

A recent Gartner research paper examines in depth the area of “personalization engines”, which engage individuals online with personalized experiences. This report focuses on personalization engines that are being used for digital commerce. Gartner defines Digital Personalization Engines as technology solutions that identify the optimum experience for an individual and will alter the online presentation

Gartner Report References British Telecom’s Innovative Use of WalkMe

This research paper prepared by Gartner on Digital Transformation is intended to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) plot a transformation path across key functional areas. Digital transformation is now a strategic imperative for CSPs globally. It impacts four key areas of a CSPs’ business: Customer engagement New revenue generation Operational efficiency Cultural transformation In this

The Season of Tech News, Consumer Engagement, and Innovation in the Business Marketplace

September Selections are here and WalkMe has hand picked what we believe are some very insightful articles of the past month. The Articles range from highlight integrations of technology in global business, valuable management and marketing advice, and tips for employee engagement that can’t be missed.   Hope you enjoy and share these tips with

WalkMe Inc. is Named to First-Ever Forbes 2016 World’s Best 100 Cloud Companies List

We are happy to update that WalkMe Inc. has been named to the first-ever Forbes 2016 Cloud 100, the definitive list of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world, developed in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners. “These are the companies to watch!” said Byron Deeter, a leading cloud investor and partner at Bessemer

August: The Month of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and Cutting Edge Robotics

This month we came across many interesting articles with topics ranging from innovative technology and software releases, to a questionable app and valuable content marketing advice. So once again, we at WalkMe assembled a list of articles we found particularly enjoyable to share with our readers. We hope you’ll enjoy our monthly roundup! Zuckerberg May

Bots, IoT and Pokémon GO – What We at WalkMe Are Reading – July Edition

At the end of each month, we at WalkMe assemble a list of articles we found particularly enjoyable to share with our readers. The articles cover a wide range of topics, including user and customer experience, product and change management, employee productivity, marketing, sales, and more. We hope you enjoy reading and learning from these

Do It Yourself: 9 Extremely Useful Resources for DIY iPhone App Creation

Over the last eight years, app development has become a huge industry with increasing demand and growth. In fact, there are 8.7 million mobile app developers globally. So if you’re yearning to start developing apps, but you don’t know where to start, WalkMe is here to help. We’ve picked out nine types of video tutorials