WalkMe SuperEdit: New Tool for Salesforce Report Editing

WalkMe, the leading digital adoption platform (DAP), has released a second SuperTool for Salesforce, SuperEdit, which enables inline editing directly in reports.   SuperEdit allows Salesforce users to view and edit reports at the same time, making it much easier to keep critical records up to date.     Adding to the  SuperTools kit, SuperEdit

Onboarding Process at the Speed of Growth

  Onboarding Process is a multiple stages process that allows a person, employee or customer, to enter into the current work process of a software, website or a company – step by step.   The quest for optimal functionality has produced a proliferation of cutting-edge enterprise systems. Accordingly, the switch from analog to digital has

The Full Impact of Dreamforce Over the Last 10 Years

“Force” is the appropriate word to describe Marc Benioff, his company and his conference. This isn’t a delicate or mannerly brand gently seeping into the business world, Benioff and his forces have plunged forward taking the industry head on to become the market leader, the market creator, and around this time every year the market

We Increased Our Conversions by 907% and so Can You

For companies that rely on their online presence to bring new business into their funnel, website traffic is necessary but not sufficient. The website’s ability to convert these visitors into qualified leads is what actually determines success but this common pain point is hard to overcome. Today we are sharing our in-house strategy with you