Visual Analytics: How it Can Improve Customer Experience

  Unlike customer service, defined by the assistance and troubleshooting a company provides, customer experience describes a more holistic look at both the product and the surrounding services.   Imagine you are shopping for a camera. The salesperson is attentive and knowledgeable, answering all your questions and guiding you through your decision making process —

B2B Businesses Face Digital Disruption Challenges

  Former Cisco CEO John Chambers said famously, “disrupt yourself, or risk being disrupted by the competition.”   In a quickly shifting digital landscape, these words hold true for any company, but are especially relevant for the B2B sector.   Identifying and leveraging disruptive trends will help B2B businesses significantly boost their digital strategy and

[INTERVIEW] Peter Shankman on Epic Customer Service

  Want to improve your customer service?   We spoke to the world renowned customer service expert, author and entrepreneur, Peter Shankman. He shared his insights on how companies can exceed customer expectations to improve customer retention — and attention, what customers are really looking for, and why customer service might be more important than

5 Signs Your Employee Software Training Needs DAP

  Software training is critical in any modern office, whether onboarding one new employee or implementing a platform for thousands. Understanding how to effectively train for competency in a variety of digital tools has become a challenge for enterprise organizations.   The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a new digital tool that addresses many of

Embracing Change: Ensure a Successful Digital Transformation

  Widespread change in responsibilities and working patterns — scare your workforce. The fear factors can include: a perceived loss of control; uncertainty; the view that change is forced without prior knowledge or input; or that they won’t fit the new way of doing things and will fail to adapt.   In the case of

Facing Employee Onboarding Challenges? You’re Not Alone.

  Your business deals with hundreds or even thousands of new employees every year. Each new employee has varying levels of experience and skills, and few roles are standard in the modern workplace.   This creates a problem: the array of services that employees need to perform their roles means that employee onboarding is complex.