3 Inspirational TED Talks for Customer Retention

  Customer retention is significantly less expensive than acquisition, and as a result, keeping customers happy has become a hot topic.   TED, the viral think piece factory, has over 2,000 videos cycling the Internet. To simplify the matter, we hand-picked three fascinating talks that can help you improve your customer retention strategies.   These

HR Data Analytics: 5 Must-Read Articles

  Utilizing HR data analytics for strategic decision making has become a hot topic in the field of human resources. In the increasingly digital future of HCM platforms, HR data analytics is being harnessed to provide valuable insights and data-driven decisions.   WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is rooted in the analysis of how employees

How To Improve Employee Performance – Improving is Easy

We can talk about training forever, but in the end, improving employee performance remains the goal.   Even one underperforming employee can cause a company to fall short of its potential. Identifying and correcting underperformance is an obvious priority, but it’s not always so obvious how to improve employee performance.   There are a lot