How B2B Software Companies Improve Customer Retention

  In the SaaS market, customer retention is more important than nearly any other key performance indicator (KPI). Add the B2B element, and several unique challenges stand in the way of improving customer retention.   A B2B software company must face the bureaucracy of the organizations they are doing business with, prove its worth to

3 Inspirational TED Talks for Customer Retention

  Customer retention is significantly less expensive than acquisition, and as a result, keeping customers happy has become a hot topic.   TED, the viral think piece factory, has over 2,000 videos cycling the Internet. To simplify the matter, we hand-picked three fascinating talks that can help you improve your customer retention strategies.   These

RBC Royal Bank’s Journey in Simplifying Customer Support

After leading Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) through a digital transformation that successfully improved its customer support, it is no surprise that Tracy Metzger will be a featured speaker at a conference focused on discovering the best technology and enterprise solutions for financial companies.   Next month, RBC’s Senior Manager Business Digital Channels, Tracey Metzger,