[VIDEO] The Challenge of Enterprise Digital Transformation

  Enterprise digital transformation is a huge and challenging undertaking, but also a necessary one.   T-Mobile’s VP of Strategic Transformation, Scott Tweedy, knows this challenge first hand, “From an enterprise standpoint, having senior leaders that are able to pause long enough to implement change is the only way digital transformation can move forward.”  

[VIDEO] Transforming Employee Training Starts With This

SKIP DIRECTLY TO VIDEO   Amazon’s Senior Instructional Designer, Jared Garrett, knows the importance of digital transformation: it’s not about being digital, it’s about improving.   Why should there be, as Garrett put it, “62 slide Powerpoint decks, that someone is going to go around and deliver to these bored… bored salespeople.” Technology today can

What Comes After Digital Maturity?

  Organizations, especially those not born into the digital era, are chasing after digital maturity. This process is known as “digital transformation” and once an organization gets to this end, they are considered “digitally mature”.   While most organizations are well on their way to being digitally mature, no one has quite reached that point