[VIDEO] Transforming Employee Training Starts With This

SKIP DIRECTLY TO VIDEO   Amazon’s Senior Instructional Designer, Jared Garrett, knows the importance of digital transformation: it’s not about being digital, it’s about improving.   Why should there be, as Garrett put it, “62 slide Powerpoint decks, that someone is going to go around and deliver to these bored… bored salespeople.” Technology today can

5 Reasons Contextual Training Will Overtake eLearning Tools

  Training and development professionals across industry verticals have one common challenge: moving the needle.   We want to explore what can be expected in the next generation of enterprise learning. Our prediction is that contextual training will overtake current eLearning tools.   Here’s why.   Try WalkMe to simplify your eLearning today.   1. eLearning

HR Data Analytics: 5 Must-Read Articles

  Utilizing HR data analytics for strategic decision making has become a hot topic in the field of human resources. In the increasingly digital future of HCM platforms, HR data analytics is being harnessed to provide valuable insights and data-driven decisions.   WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is rooted in the analysis of how employees

How To Improve Employee Performance – Improving is Easy

We can talk about training forever, but in the end, improving employee performance remains the goal.   Even one underperforming employee can cause a company to fall short of its potential. Identifying and correcting underperformance is an obvious priority, but it’s not always so obvious how to improve employee performance.   There are a lot

Need to Complete More Self-Evaluations This Year? Here’s How

The annual performance review isn’t glamorous, but when HR is able to show a 98%, on-time, completion rate it begins to sparkle.   Employee self evaluation in WalkMe   I sat down with the WalkMe Global Head of Human Resources, Jodi Yanovich, to discuss the strategy her team pursued to engage employees throughout the process.

Onboarding Process at the Speed of Growth

  Onboarding Process is a multiple stages process that allows a person, employee or customer, to enter into the current work process of a software, website or a company – step by step.   The quest for optimal functionality has produced a proliferation of cutting-edge enterprise systems. Accordingly, the switch from analog to digital has