Oracle Team USA Should Have Listened to WalkMe about Good Navigating

Awhile ago we gave some great advice connecting WalkMe to America’s Cup happening in San Francisco. Check it out! Unfortunately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Oracle Team USA. They’re currently down 2-5 to Emirates Team New Zealand. Lucky us, we get to watch the races from our office all month long. As you know,

View From the Valley: What the New Bay Bridge Span Can Teach Us about the Value of UX

If you’re unfamiliar, the Bay Bridge connects San Francisco with the East Bay. Hundreds of thousands of cars cross it each day. However, the eastern span was in desperate need of an upgrade with concerns it couldn’t withstand the force of a large-scale earthquake – a problem San Francisco is unfortunately familiar with. Construction began

What We’ve Been Up To

Whew, we’ve been busy! In case you’ve been living under a rock, WalkMe has been hard at work improving the platform and growing both offices. Companies have taken notice and Adobe EchoSign, Home Shopping Network, Zillow, and many others have recently started using WalkMe. Recently our diligent product team released a new version of WalkMe

View from the Valley: Customer Service Trends with Zendesk

Our friends at Zendesk recently posted on customer service trends currently on the rise. Though we agree on several of their points, I think it’s necessary to expound upon certain trends they briefly glossed over. Among others, they mention self-service in their trends report. However, I think this is more than a fad or trend,

View from the Valley: How Apple Changed the Rules of UI Once Again

When Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007, they changed how every product thenceforth views their own UI. The first of its kind, touch screen and gestured controlled, seamlessly introduced the world to the smartest phone and OS to date. Instead of bulky and cluttered UI, Apple went with the simplest and most intuitive system