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WalkMe to Offer Enterprise Class Dog-Walking Services on Google, Apple and Facebook Campuses

WalkMe to Offer Enterprise Class Dog-Walking Services on Google, Apple and Facebook Campuses


By WalkMe Team

WalkMe Joins Forces with Small Dog Walking Businesses in San-Francisco to Provide an Enterprise Class Doggy-Care Experience

WalkMe, a global tech company based in San Francisco, created the world’s first cloud based step-by-step guidance technology. The company has experienced exponential growth and is used by many Fortune 500 companies to simplify their customers’ and employees’ online user experiences.

Having excelled in eliminating confusion in the online world, WalkMe identified a new opportunity: Visitors to  often mistake the company for dog walking service. WalkMe realized the potential of such a business and teamed up with local dog-walkers to provide a new enterprise-class dog walking service to the employees of Silicon Valley.

And who better to start with than employees of the most innovative and early adopters in Silicon Valley – Google, Apple and Facebook?

During the first roll-out of the service, all employees of Apple, Facebook and Google will be able to bring their dogs to work and schedule dog walking and/or day care services with WalkMe. The total cost of one-day service: $15.

“This is a new avenue of growth for WalkMe and we are very excited to realize the potential,” WalkMe says. “We are already one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, and with our new dog walking solution, we aspire to become the fastest growing startup in hi-tech history.”

Each dog will enjoy

  • One-on-one care, designing each Walk-Thru the Google, Facebook and Apple campuses to the dog’s specific needs and context
  • Faster training for all your favorite tricks. WalkMe eliminates any confusion your dog may have between the command for “sit” and “stay”
  • Increased satisfaction, which as we all know, will lengthen your dog’s life time.

 To put your pup on the waiting list, go to . When you are prompted to schedule a demo to see an innovative Guidance and Engagement Platform, just say – “I’m here for the Dog”. We’ll know what to do.

This, of course, is an April Fools Day prank. While we do not offer a service to simplify your dog’s life, we will continue to simplify the online experiences of human beings. Still, who knows what the future holds…




WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.