How Infusionsoft Mastered User Onboarding


In a feature article on ZDNet, Paul Greenberg complimented the winners of the CRM Watchlist 2015, and, amongst them, Infusionsoft- a WalkMe Customer.  Greenberg discusses Infusionsoft’s success, and compliments the company on maintaining a status of an industry leader for over a decade.



One of the challenges Infusionsoft’s management had successfully dealt with, Greenberg says, is their customer service, due to their exponential growth from a small business into “more than that.”

infusionsoft 2


One of the ways they managed to overcome this hurdle successfully, was WalkMe’s technology. By using WalkMe, Infusionsoft’s users are rapidly onboarded. New users are able to work independently through a multitude of new and even advanced processes. With an effective onboarding and training plan in place, Infusionsoft drastically cut the learning curve, which resulted in increased customer loyalty and continued use.


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