Facing Employee Onboarding Challenges? You’re Not Alone.

  Your business deals with hundreds or even thousands of new employees every year. Each new employee has varying levels of experience and skills, and few roles are standard in the modern workplace.   This creates a problem: the array of services that employees need to perform their roles means that employee onboarding is complex.

CIOs: Here’s How to Ensure Successful Software Adoption

  As a CIO, you are responsible for more than ever before. You must be IT-literate, strategic, and enterprise and people-focused. Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2017 report calls for CIOs to run IT “faster and more agile, be more responsive to the business, and, critically, work not just to enable but to help shape the organisation’s

[Interview] McKinsey’s Michael Bloch on Digital Transformation Strategy

  A company’s digital transformation strategy will make or break their success in the rapidly evolving global market. This vital element has organizations around the world turning to leading experts to figure out how they can adopt new technology and adapt to the digital workplace.   One such expert is Michael Bloch, Senior Partner at

Proven Ways to Boost Salesforce Productivity

  As the old adage goes, “Time is money”. It’s pretty safe to say that productivity is important to anyone trying to hit quarterly targets so today, we’re talking about Salesforce users.   Salesforce published a blog post titled “Expert Productivity Tips From Nine Very Busy People.”   This very interesting and informative article gathers