What Comes After Digital Maturity?

  Organizations, especially those not born into the digital era, are chasing after digital maturity. This process is known as “digital transformation” and once an organization gets to this end, they are considered “digitally mature”.   While most organizations are well on their way to being digitally mature, no one has quite reached that point

April Wrap Up: 10 Tech Industry Challenges

  This month, we’ve put together a list of articles that grabbed our attention from Gartner, The New York Times, Constellation Research, Forrester, The Harvard Business Review and more. These articles focus on the challenges experienced in and around technology, as well as the business rivalry between Facebook and Snap.   Let’s dive in.  

3 Inspirational TED Talks for Customer Retention

  Customer retention is significantly less expensive than acquisition, and as a result, keeping customers happy has become a hot topic.   TED, the viral think piece factory, has over 2,000 videos cycling the Internet. To simplify the matter, we hand-picked three fascinating talks that can help you improve your customer retention strategies.   These

How to Leverage Good User Experience to Drive Employee Productivity

  Employee productivity – any company that wants to do more than just survive, needs to seriously look at ways to make their employees more efficient.   In the physical sense, this includes things like ergonomic work spaces and flexible working arrangements. From a technology perspective, this includes not only computer equipment, but also cloud-based

5 Reasons Contextual Training Will Overtake eLearning Tools

  Training and development professionals across industry verticals have one common challenge: moving the needle.   We want to explore what can be expected in the next generation of enterprise learning. Our prediction is that contextual training will overtake current eLearning tools.   Here’s why.   Try WalkMe to simplify your eLearning today.   1. eLearning