Salesforce SuperSearch is Here to Make You a Hero

Any Salesforce user now has the option to use WalkMe’s Salesforce SuperSearch to instantly find answers in the search bar.


And when we say “Any Salesforce user” we mean any Salesforce user. This tool is FREE and doesn’t require a company-wide decision from the Head of IT to adopt. Whether Salesforce is being used for sales, service or marketing, we’ve put the power in the hands of individual users to download this extension to make their next search a Salesforce SuperSearch.


It’s not so much a search feature as it is an answer finder.


The results of your Salesforce query show up in the search bar itself before the user hits enter. This is similar to a google search that automatically converts a measurement before you complete the query.


It’s a small time saver, but throughout a day with hundreds of searches it adds up to make the user more efficient with a smoother workflow and altogether better at their job.



With Salesforce SuperSearch, professionals can instantly find the critical information needed to fulfill a task. This eliminates the time it takes to load the search results, open the appropriate file, and then scroll for the specific data point.


This is a tool that will be most useful in critical moments when knowing information fast matters. It’s the kind of tool that you want to already have before you need it. Now, because it’s free, there’s no reason not to.


So for all the Salesforce users out there downloading your free Salesforce SuperSearch now, we want to say: With great power comes great responsibility. Be a hero and share Salesforce SuperSearch with your colleagues now.


Lacie Larschan is the Content Marketing Director at WalkMe and covers a range of topics related to SaaS, technology, business, marketing and sometimes politics.