WalkMe at CeBIT Australia – Simplifying Salesforce Like Never Before!

CeBIT Australia, taking place this week through Wednesday in Sydney, is Australia’s largest and most prestigious IT, computers and electronics event of the year.


With a diverse speaking lineup, engaging sessions, and a wealth of attendees and companies exhibiting – approximately 500! – it’s an event that is attracting a lot of attention, both within the country and within the larger IT community worldwide.


WalkMe will be there, of course, with with a clear message: that operating Salesforce.com does NOT have to be a frustrating, burdensome experience, and that it is possible to empower employees toward a simplified
Salesforce experience.

Why you Need to Come and Say Hi?

WalkMe™ provides Salesforce team managers with an indispensable tool to simplify Salesforce usage, enabling new and existing Salesforce users, as they work, to easily and successfully complete their desired tasks. By using a series of interactive tip balloons overlaid onscreen, user tasks are broken down into short, step-by-step guided instructions.

As a result, both during the initial Salesforce orientation process and beyond, managers can empower their users so they no longer need to focus on the technical aspects of operating Salesforce, freeing them to become more productive and avoid errors through even the most complex processes.

WalkMe™ helps sales administrators to accelerate Salesforce employee time to competence, remove the barriers of entry from other CRM systems, and increase Salesforce user productivity while reducing onboarding and training time and costs. It provides real-time training, replaces the need for frustrating video tutorials and confusing documentation, cuts IT supports requests, and streamlines change management.

Where Can you Find Us?

We would love to be able to show you more. Come meet us at Booth #J71.