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The BIGGEST Web Design Mistakes

By WalkMe Team

It’s not news to us that the whole world is shifting to more dependency on the web, and if you are a web service, particularly a SaaS solution, you have big problems if you haven’t done so already.

With the shift to web presence comes the pressure of creating a user interface design that elicits a good user experience; however, some websites fall short and make simple mistakes that could easily be avoided.

Rafi Sweary, President of WalkMe, provides his insight into the biggest mistakes in web design via Website Magazine. He focuses on elements that can even change the way you view your business philosophy. Of main significance is his stress on key UX principles – you are not the user. Make sure to build your website based on what your user would want to see and engage. Make sure you understand your visitors’ intentions and the pain points of the audience you are targeting. Only then will you be able to even begin to think of a design that will prove to be successful, engaging, and profitable.

To learn more about how you can prevent making mistakes in your website design, dive into the original article here!



WalkMe Team
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