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Amazon & T-Mobile Break Down Everything Wrong With Enterprise Training

Amazon & T-Mobile Break Down Everything Wrong With Enterprise Training

By Dannah Cahn

“Doing instructor-led training on a web-based tool is hilarious in my opinion. Why would you do that? The tool is right there.”

In a couple sentences, Amazon’s Senior Instructional Designer, Jared Garrett, summarizes the often-overlooked ridiculousness of current day enterprise training.

Switch to contextual just-in-time training today.

Imagine learning to ride a bicycle by listening to a lecture on pedaling technique. You could memorize the history, physics, and aerodynamics — but without experiencing it firsthand — there is little hope of mastering the skill.

So what needs to change in order for organizations to reap the full benefits of B2B platforms? As Garrett puts it, “Training needs to be where the people are.”

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Amazon isn’t the only giant realizing the need for an enterprise training renaissance. T-Mobile hires 5,000 new employees just within customer service.

The work of T-Mobile’s service reps is synonymous with the use of complicated systems. At best, these platforms are challenging to navigate; and in some cases, they are older than the millennial reps using them.

In the video below, T-Mobile’s VP of Strategic Transformation Scott Tweedy talks about how using digital eLearning tools helped reduce attrition and make interactions easier for their reps. Ultimately smoothing digital processes for customer-facing employees can do wonders for the end customer experience.

And what’s next?

“We are going to go forward and leverage employees a lot more. This time next year we will talk about how we took that story and put employees in the center.”

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