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Lead from Anywhere: Asha Aravindakshan on how CX + EX = ROI: Sprinklr’s Digital Adoption Story

By Shoshana Friedman

Asha Aravindakshan, the VP of Operations and Customer Delight at Sprinklr, recently spoke at WalkMe’s Lead from Anywhere series on how to design a digital adoption strategy that quickly measures impact for both customers and employees.

Sprinklr adheres to its three core values of employee happiness, customer happiness and growth. Aravindakshan explained that when introducing WalkMe to Sprinklr, she was very clear that it was necessary that it aligned with the company’s goals to gain buy-in. “We invited stakeholders to come learn about WalkMe in a kick-off call. They got excited about the challenges it could solve for them as the admins and for new employees. Since this project aligned to our company goals and the stakeholders knew how important it would be to ramp new hires in Q1, each stakeholder knew it was a top priority.

In this interesting WalkMe webinar, Aravindakshan illuminates how she spearheaded a digital adoption strategy with established quantifiable business metrics in less than three months.

For a peek into Asha Aravindakshan’s webinar, press play:

For more engaging insights from Asha Aravindakshan, go here to watch the full webinar.


Shoshana Friedman
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