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Best Reads of December and A Few Reflections on Old Goldies

By Boaz Amidor

December is always time for reflection. Yes, we read some wonderful year-summaries, but this past month I also had a chance to reflect on a few extraordinary business moves – modern classics if you will.

Let’s get started!

1. The Right Kind of Conflict Leads to Better Products

Sometimes beautiful things are outcomes of unpleasant situations. Just like the pearl to the Oyster, so conflict is to success. The Harvard Business Review takes us on another path to success, and it turns out it just takes a little bit of aggravation.

Find out the results of the analysis of 14 years of data by Eli Lilly and Company that show a direct correlation between frustration and success…the results will surprise you!

2. 6 Traits That Predict Ethical Behavior at Work

Company ethics have become a huge topic of concern in recent years, as challenges in work environment become all too common. Ethics are not just important for a company brand and culture, but for employee health and success as well. Find out the 6 traits that will determine if your company is on the right track to ethical behavior on the workplace and how each trait builds on the other.

3. Viewpoint: Trends and Predictions for 2017 And a Brief Look Back at 2016

2017 will be a year of change in the world of HR. Find out more how the evolving demographic and political landscape will be affecting organizations and the decisions they make tomorrow. This article by Josh Bersin is a great way to reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017.

4. Here are Seven Things Trump and Tech Leaders Should Discuss at Next Week’s Meeting

Now that the new president is elected, the discussions are rolling out about some the key decisions that will be made this coming year. Cybersecurity, H-1Bs, Net Neutrality, taxes on Internet sales, and other hot-button issues are sure to make headlines in 2017.

After enjoying some great December reads, here’s a blast from the past – a few memorable campaigns and ads:

5. TNT Made Another Insane ‘Push To Add Drama’ Viral Video

Everybody needs a little drama in their lives, and there’s a new viral video in town that has garnered an astonishing 42 million views about just that.

The video is a Belgian advertisement that displays what happens when people are left with the option to press a huge “push to add drama” button..and drama does ensue! Take a look for yourself.

6. Did You Know Some Owls Aren’t That Wise

Hoot (insert silent t*) or Who? Geico took the funny play on words on their viral ad campaign that definitely struck it right with viewers. They proved once again how obscurity can drive awareness.

7. Dumb Ways to Die

There are some dumb ways to die, and jumping in front of a moving train is definitely one of them. This campaign by Melbourne’s Metro Trains proves that animation done creatively can drive awareness to the masses. Genius marketing, this song is definitely stuck in my head!

8. Dove – Evolution Commercial

Shock is another great way to capture attention, and Dove did just that in 2006 when they shocked the world with the power of Photoshop. Dove took us on a 60 second journey from average woman to model on a billboard.

Dove was ahead of their time when marketing their brand to the average woman, taking a stand against the status quo and finding a new niche to stand in.

9. Mac vs PC

Apple computers took controversy head on in 2012 when they promoted a series of advertisements that undermined one of their biggest competitors, Microsoft. Apple used two men as metaphors for the differences between the Mac and the PC and highlighted themselves as your “cool” friend, while downplaying the PC as the Geek who had glitches.

What was considered taboo at the time surely transformed the world of competitive marketing and by turning controversy into conversation.

10. New Twist On Old Sayings

After you read Susan Sherbert’s Poem, you might think that you have heard some of these quotes, but think again. Sherbert upgrades these famous quotes with a twist that will get keep you thinking.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking Forward to sharing more great tips and inspirations that will give you a head start on all your New Year’s resolutions. Stay Tuned!


Boaz Amidor
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to WalkMe Blog