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British Telecom Receives an Award from Oracle for its Use of WalkMe

British Telecom Receives an Award from Oracle for its Use of WalkMe

By Boaz Amidor

British Telecom’s (BT) Brian Humphreys published a blog post recently on Oracle Community describing BT’s win of the ‘2016 Rapid Transformation Markie’ awarded by Oracle.

British Telecom’s goal according to Humphreys was to ensure consistent use and attention with Eloqua and get users to work in a way based on the best practice.

Humphrey goes on to explain how BT implemented WalkMe. WalkMe ensures the team follows the naming convention that is so important to BT as an organization.


Because if done incorrectly the team misses out on the benefits of finding assets, reporting on and performing content management tasks. With WalkMe, a Walk-Thru is strategically placed to facilitate these actions. A launcher nudging the user to remember to click on the Walk-Thru and go through the steps has been helpful as they also provide a link to the tool everywhere the naming convention is required.

BT team also built a number of Walk-Thrus on tasks that users carry out often. For example, when creating a campaign canvas, one can click on the applicable query where they is taken back to the “My Eloqua” screen. A call out appears showing the user where to click. After each click, a new bubble appears, telling the user what to enter, where to click, and when the full action is completed.


WalkMe Award



As British Telecom’s Eloqua users become more familiar with the marketing platform, their vision is to create new Walk-Thru’s based on best practices for getting the most of the tool.

BT will also continue to expand and maintain a library of WalkMe assets for future onboarding of employees. Knowledge picked up via Oracle Academy courses need to be shared to really make best practice be everyday practice. Eloqua has changed the way BT Global Services works, yet Eloqua change, taking user with the platform is fundamental to success. BT uses Eloqua across 15+ countries and it is considered to be critical if BT wants to demonstrate the benefit in what it does.

Based on a blog post published on Oracle Communities


Boaz Amidor
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to WalkMe Blog