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Gartner Report References British Telecom’s Innovative Use of WalkMe

Gartner Report References British Telecom’s Innovative Use of WalkMe

By Boaz Amidor

This research paper prepared by Gartner on Digital Transformation is intended to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) plot a transformation path across key functional areas. Digital transformation is now a strategic imperative for CSPs globally. It impacts four key areas of a CSPs’ business:

  1. Customer engagement
  2. New revenue generation
  3. Operational efficiency
  4. Cultural transformation

In this report Gartner references British Telecom’s Innovative Use of WalkMe. According to Gartner 22% of British Telecom’s (BT) enterprise revenue is currently generated by digital services. BT expects this to double by 2020. 50% of BT’s overall employees (and 100% of customer-facing employees) globally will be equipped with digital tools, systems and training by 2018.

Gartner draws from studying leading CSPs like BT, that CSPs should offer existing employees training opportunities so that they can gain new digital skills. Gartner lists British Telecom’s BT Academy, BT Social Chorus and WalkMe training programs as good examples to achieve this goal. According to Gartner, BT has deployed WalkMe — a platform for contextual or “in-the-moment” training for its sales personnel on new digital products and solutions.

Gartner subscribers can read the full report with examples from other leading CSPs here.


Boaz Amidor
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to WalkMe Blog