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Lead from Anywhere: Carlos Pullen-Ferreira on Creating a Digital-First Culture that Prioritizes Adoption

By Shoshana Friedman

As VP business operations at Sage, Carlos Pullen-Ferreira is focused on creating an enduring digital-first culture that lasts. In his WalkMe webinar entitled, “It’s Not Too Late: Create a Digital-First Culture that Prioritizes Adoption,” Pullen-Ferreira shares his experience and the building blocks for empowering organizations and individuals from within.

With 13,000 employees globally in 26 countries, Sage is a market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems for small and medium businesses. When it comes to promoting a digital-first culture, Pullen-Ferreira looks at how to create an eco-system of connected things with the least amount of clicks.

In his webinar, Pullen-Ferreira gives actionable tips to encourage digital adoption, including: Demonstrate quick, tangible and repeatable wins –not just one in the next 12 months, or not just once upfront.  Show what adds value frequently. Quick wins are what develop the future strategy for your success.

For a sneak peek into Carlos Pullen-Ferreira’s webinar, press play:

For more sage advice from Carlos Pullen-Ferreira, go here to watch the full webinar.

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Shoshana Friedman
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