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Cheers to a New Year and a Chance to Reflect on 2014

By WalkMe Team
2014 has been an exciting year for WalkMe as we continue to fulfill our mission to create a new standard of simplicity in user experience. A rapidly increasing number of companies have learned of and embraced this vision of a simpler and easier user experience. And it has shown clear results. WalkMe customers report a 30% to 80% reduction in the number of support requests, a 20-40% reduction in training time and, double-digit boost in adoption and conversion rates. This explains WalkMe’s exponential growth in 2014, with customers from a wide range of industries and leading Fortune 500 software and service providers. At the beginning of the year we unveiled a new version and major upgrade to our contextual UX and engagement platform, which is used to lead prospects, customers, employees or partners through any web experience. This was the most significant WalkMe update since the original product launch. In 2015 WalkMe will continue our momentum, and continue to innovate with new, creative and powerful, yet beautifully simple to use features. Over the past 12 months, we have more than doubled our team and offices, and we plan to further expand in the year ahead. Furthermore, WalkMe’s rapid expansion into the enterprise market has resulted in a more than 5X revenue increase, with enterprises from a wide range of verticals including eBay, Adobe, Citrix, Home Depot, Stanley Black&Decker, US Foods, Bank of Montreal and Kimberly-Clark, to name just a few. WalkMe participated in 14 leading industry conferences. We continue to receive widespread industry recognition including 8 new industry awards. Industry analysts have consistently given us overwhelmingly positive feedback about our growth, innovation and market potential. Team WalkMe would like to thank our friends, customers and partners and simply wish the World a Happy and Healthy 2015.   awards


WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.