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Cool New WalkMe Features

By WalkMe Team

At WalkMe, we’re all about bringing it with cool new features. So, we’ve given a makeover to our widget and launcher, just for you!

So, you ask, what exactly have we done to make things better?

  • The updated widget is much bigger – this means you and your users can view your list of Walk-Thrus even more easily than before.
  • The widget now opens as a pop-up in the middle of the screen, letting your users quickly navigate through all of the Walk-Thrus you build.
  • Customization you say? Now you can set your widget and launcher in several colors to match your website or app theme.

Pretty neat huh? Yeah, we agree.





WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.