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[VIDEO] Transforming Employee Training Starts With This

[VIDEO] Transforming Employee Training Starts With This

By WalkMe Team


Amazon’s Senior Instructional Designer, Jared Garrett, knows the importance of digital transformation: it’s not about being digital, it’s about improving.


Why should there be, as Garrett put it, “62 slide Powerpoint decks, that someone is going to go around and deliver to these bored… bored salespeople.” Technology today can transform this standard information dissemination into an engaging and effective experience.


Digital Transformation & Employee Training - Jared Garrett


Garrett participated in a panel discussion at the 2017 Digital Transformation Roadshow in Seattle, Washington. During the discussion, he shared how Amazon’s employee training programs are transforming with the use of digital tools like WalkMe.


Transform your employee training using WalkMe’s guidance platform.


But with so many digital tools available, it can be challenging to distinguish what will actually make a difference. What does Garrett advise?


“If we want digital transformation to be effortless we have to connect directly with the people who will be affected, concentrate on pain points, and think about what would make the most difference in their day-to-day.”


You can learn more about Jared Garrett’s experience with digital transformation at Amazon in the video below.


Amazon Employee Training & Digital Transformation




WalkMe Team
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