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Design the Ideal Employee Training Plan With These 4 Simple Questions

Design the Ideal Employee Training Plan With These 4 Simple Questions

By WalkMe Team
Ah, the perfectly trained employee. This is every manager’s dream, but is it realistic? The truth is, that even the most intelligent and talented employees cannot fulfill their potential if their organizations don’t offer a foundation for success. With this in mind, leaders must provide excellent support and offer practical ways for their employees to perform their best. How? With a well constructed training plan for employees.

What is an employee training plan?

An employee training plan is a detailed strategy for training your employees. These plans should include all of the employees’ training goals, the timing and specifics of which role is being trained, and the method of the training itself. employee training plan The employee training plan is the concrete structure upon which managers should design the new hire onboarding process flow. It is the base of the training procedures you plan on following to bring your employees up to speed. Without structure, there is sure to be chaos.

What is the significance of an employee training plan sample?

In a movie, the hero might jump over seven cars, land in front of his arch nemesis and with the help of some well-placed props, defeat him forever. On-screen this sequence of actions appears effortless. In reality, it is facilitated by a small army of directors, makeup artists, prop designers, special effects editors and a body double or two. The spontaneity of the scene is an illusion — each move is carefully choreographed and everyone involved is held accountable to a comprehensive game plan. Planning creates efficiency and it is a prerequisite to success. Without a plan to guide you through employee training, the likelihood that the new hire will forget or misunderstand important details rises.

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How do I create a sample training plan for employees?

Let’s begin with the basics. The first step is to create a template. The first section should be your objective. What is the end goal? What is the training supposed to achieve? The next section is your scheduling platform, which can be divided into several subcategories. Feel free to customize this section as you see fit, but I strongly advise allocating time for individual employee training, as well as discussion of expectations for reaching certain goals at specific junctures and location/purpose of training at designated times. An employee training plan must be tailored to the needs and requirements of the trainers and trainees. As long as you keep the objective and schedule in mind, the base of your sample training plan for employees will be solid. employee training template

Is it really that simple?

It really is that simple. The best employee training is designed specifically per scenario. For example, onboarding one employee will naturally look different than onboarding a group. Using the basic structure of your employee training plan, the next step is to fill in the necessary details specific to your desired training plan: What material needs to be covered? What platforms need to be learned? How much time have you allocated? An employee training plan will provide the structure necessary for both the trainer and trainee to achieve their goals. For that purpose, the sample training plan for employees must be customized and tailored to the needs of the trainee and requirements of the trainer. Remembering those needs and requirements is essential. You are no longer running with guns blazing. With an employee training plan you are assuming a strategy that is highly likely to succeed. You are armed and ready to get out there and create the best possible employee training plan. Go get ‘em tiger.


WalkMe Team
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