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GEOCONCEPT Group Catapults CX with WalkMe

GEOCONCEPT Group Catapults CX with WalkMe

By Lia Ciner

GEOCONCEPT Group is a company that helps businesses navigate in a big way. It provides customers with software solutions for geographical optimization. Its cartographic optimization technologies are unique and highly valuable, serving more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. In order to stand out in a crowded market, GEOCONCEPT Group decided to use WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform. Here’s why.

The main goal for partnering with WalkMe was to provide seamless customer onboarding and an ongoing high-quality customer experience. With real-time guidance, automation, and customized engagement features, new customers could immediately reap the benefits of GEOCONCEPT Group’s three innovative homegrown applications. These applications are specially designed to better equip field workers, like technicians, delivery professionals, and sales representatives. 

“In a time when customer satisfaction is key, we owe it to ourselves to offer our customers a solution that sets us apart from the competition,” says Christine Daniaud-Galet, GEOCONCEPT Group’s product and knowledge director.

With WalkMe, there was a 40% increase in engagement, a 25% decrease in support requests, and an overall increase in usability. 

“Instead of casting around to find an answer or calling GEOCONCEPT’s support team to come to their aid, customers can click the WalkMe menu and run a keyword search,” Christine Daniaud-Galet says. “This allows our customers to get answers in real-time right within the flow of work.”

You can learn more about GEOCONCEPT Group’s experience with a Digital Adoption Solution, and read other DAP success stories here.

“WalkMe is a very powerful and rich solution. It’s simple to configure for responsive results.”

– Christine Daniaud-Galet Product & Knowledge Director, GEOCONCEPT Group


Lia Ciner
Lia specializes in analyzing and forecasting the development of corporate culture in the digital era. Her experience in both NGOs and high-tech gives her a unique perspective and passion for exploring psychology, global business trends, and how technology is impacting the evolution of our culture.