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How Jobvite Won its 3rd Consecutive Stevie Award

By WalkMe Team

Last week, the 2016 Customer Success Summit took place in San Francisco. There, customer success experts from all across the country convened under one roof to share insights and ideas.

One memorable talk at the conference during the General Session was led by David Lahey, VP of International at Jobvite.

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Lahey’s talk, “Customer Success without Friction,” started with a breakdown of customer success. He then described the field’s “struggles to enlightenment,” which included outlining the customer journey, defining the department strategy, and building a customer success team.

Lahey emphasized the importance of aligning customer segmentation with strategic goals, and the importance of measurement as well as the use of metrics for each part of the customer journey.

Later on, Lahey walked the attendees through Jobvite’s three Stevie Awards wins, which acknowledged the company’s great customer success approach and strategies. One of the reasons for their third win, as Lahey mentioned, was the implementation of WalkMe.

With the help of the WalkMe solution, Jobvite was able to provide immediate, relevant assistance to all of its customers right at the time of need.

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WalkMe Team
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