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How To Create an Online Tutorial Using WalkMe

By Boaz Amidor

If you want to show your leads, customers or prospects how to do any action inside your website and are looking for a great solution of how to create online tutorials then WalkMe is by far your best and most easy solution.

WalkMe is the world’s pioneer site for interactive website guidance as well as the best and most productive way of how to create an online tutorial. The system allows service providers; online businessmen as well as any other interested party to build a comprehensive step by step guide.

WalkMe has a unique feature referred to as ‘Walk-Thrus’ which assists end users in completing any online procedures fast and with ease. This revolutionary system can be described as a top-notch system which converts the most complex online tasks into simple and user friendly solutions.

WalkMe thus plays a significant role in decreasing support costs, increasing conversion rates as well as improving customer service. Most users often find it extremely difficult to follow guides on how to create an online tutorial. WalkMe provides the solution to creating one of the best online tutorials.

WalkMe ensures you nail the basics of your tutorial so that the end users have an easy time in reading through all the contents in the tutorial. In case you are creating a video online tutorial, WalkMe will ensure you have all the superior elements involved in creating video elements.

The major elements involves here include quick pacing, clear backgrounds, proper lighting, perfect audio levels as well as a concrete script.

The highly trained team of professionals at WalkMe will ensure that you are in a position to identify the viewers you want to instruct.

This will assist in gauging their knowledge level, their likes and dislikes so as to tailor an online tutorial that suits the end user.

In case the tutorial is being designed for beginners, then the language WalkMe will provide match that of beginners. If it is an advanced tutorial high level vocabulary can be used. This variety of language level options is a unique benefit of using WalkMe in learning how to make an online tutorial. Since the end user will require a tutorial that is short and easy to understand, WalkMe provides you with a guideline on how to breakdown the numerous long steps you may have to simple specific steps that are clearly explained.

For online video tutorials, WalkMe will provide you with the best guidelines on the best way to produce a superior video where all the techniques used will complement the instructions given as well as get capture the attention of the end user.

This plays a huge role in letting the visual and auditory learners make a connection with the tutorial. Every tutorial should be professional; the WalkMe website will come in handy in offering you professional guidance.

If the tutorial has a video attached to it, the video should reflect entirely the subject title as well as all the contents of the tutorial. The service will also assist you in creating a unique, eye catching and entertaining online tutorial that will keep the end user hooked.

Another great option is the assistance in creating a call of action, by offering you options that will encourage dialogue with the user. This can be in the form of questions, comments, and requisition to subscription to a resourceful link or channel.

There are several advantages that WalkMe provides to those who want to know how to create online tutorial and utilize it for the best performance and benefit of your business.

These options uniquely done by Walkme allow the user to remain focused at one task with no distraction from multiple screens.

If you are looking for a simple to use, smart and productive system to show your customers or users and understand how to create an online tutorial that is leading edge and professional. Walkme is your best solution.


Boaz Amidor
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to WalkMe Blog