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How Infusionsoft Mastered User Onboarding

By WalkMe Team

User Onboarding


In a feature article on ZDNet, Paul Greenberg complimented the winners of the CRM Watchlist 2015. Among them was Infusionsoft- a WalkMe Customer. Greenberg discusses Infusionsoft’s success in user onboarding and compliments the company on maintaining a status of an industry leader for over a decade.

Here’s an excerpt from his commentary:

“Infusionsoft, throughout its decade-plus history has almost always – at least the last seven or so years, been a dominant company in the small business world. Very few companies have been as overt market leaders in their space. Granted, through all its history, until very recently, they have had a strong and absolutely precise focus around companies with 25 or less employees (more on the change later).”

One of the challenges Infusionsoft’s management had successfully dealt with, Greenberg says, is their customer service, due to their exponential growth from a small business into “more than that.”


“Don’t get me wrong. They have the paradigms that small businesses understand and thus, the capabilities that the small businesses need to use when they sell and market down pat and built into their software – which is made as easy as possible and as organic as possible when it comes to the flows that very small businesses are likely to need to intuit use of the applications. They are smart enough to know they can’t do everything technologically either.”

As a result of less-than-ideal customer service, Infusionsoft’s user onboarding process was not as successful as it could be.

One of the ways they managed to overcome this hurdle was by integrating WalkMe’s technology. By using WalkMe, Infusionsoft could conduct faster user onboarding.

New users are able to work independently through a multitude of new and even advanced processes. With an effective new user onboarding plan in place, Infusionsoft drastically cut the learning curve, which resulted in increased customer loyalty and continued use.

“For example, they use Walkme for their guided help – and that is easily the best product on the market for that. But Infusionsoft also provide services that go beyond technology. For example, they provide a free Lifecycle Marketing model that customers can use to develop a marketing plan. They provide what I have to summarize as “business development (meaning “evolution” not drive sales per se) services” – actual educational services on how to succeed in business (with really trying though).”




WalkMe Team
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