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Best of January: Check Out Our Favorite Reads

By Boaz Amidor

At the end of each month, we at WalkMe assemble a list of articles we found particularly enjoyable to share with our readers. This month, we focus on productivity, automation in tech, company culture, innovations, and how AI can aid the hearing impaired.

We hope you enjoy reading and learning from these articles as much as we did.

Good Luck Silencing Science

The list of federal agencies having their online communications tampered with or outright shut down is growing: the EPA, the National Parks Service, the Departments of Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, and the Interior, among others. TechCrunch’s Devin Soldewey tackles climate-change awareness, and calls the new Trump administration to not follow its predecessor and not “silence science.”

How to Prioritize Your Work When Your Manager Doesn’t

Prioritizing work can be frustrating, especially if managers don’t give clear goals. In fact, a research by Robert Kaplan and David Norton shows that more than 90% of employees don’t fully understand their company’s strategy or know what’s expected of them to help achieve company goals.

This article by Amy Jen Su on the Harvard Business covers four ways you can better prioritize your work, and relief the pressure.

Ava: Making Conversations Accessible for the Deaf

Thought we’d share with you a truly inspiring app that helps people with hearing disabilities to “never miss a conversation again.” The app connects to everyone’s phones, and translates spoken words into text messages.

Judging by their Product Hunt reviews, it seems like Ava has already been helping many people overcome challenges and not feel left out due to their hearing impairment.

A.I. Experiments: Making it Easier for Anyone to Explore A.I.

“When lots of people get to…play around with tools and technology, it gets better for everyone.” Lately, this has been happening in AI and Machine Learning, as many people explore and get involved, exploring speech, language and image recognition. From there -the sky is the limit.

Check out this short video, in which google presents its new project “AI experiments”. This project helps make AI accessible to just anyone to try it for themselves.

To Lead a Digital Transformation, CEOs Must Prioritize

Given the pace at which digital innovation is disrupting industries globally, it’s not surprising that most CEOs feel pressure to find and deploy the right technology as fast as their budgets will allow.

But being a digital leader, so we learned to discover, isn’t simply a matter of being technologically savvy, but being able to create a working agile organization. In this article, you can find insightful suggestions on how to best manage a digital transition.

Work. Walk 5 Minutes. Work.

Rethink your workday by reading this new study stating the brief walking breaks are more effective at improving well-being than a single, longer walk before work. Standing up and walking around for five minutes every hour during the workday could lift your mood, combat lethargy without reducing focus and attention, and even dull hunger pangs.

‘Why Are We Doing This to Ourselves?’ Readers Respond to the Threat of Automation

Are we facing The Rise of the Machine? Are we all about to be replaced? The first season of Westworld got us all on edge, worrying about the growing trend of automation. Following a New York Times article about supporting the people who are out of work because their jobs have been or will soon be automated, here are some insights worth reading.

How to Make America’s Robots Great Again

In 2016, the United States hit a manufacturing record, producing more goods than ever, so how come we’re not gloating? Thanks to automation, writes Farhad Manjoo, we now make 85 percent more goods than we did in 1987, but with only two-thirds the number of workers. Moreover, these robots are not even made in the United States…

How should the new administration approach this? Here’s another look at the current and potential future outcomes of automation.

WalkMe Acquires to Add Mobile A/B Testing and Engagement

“After raising $50 million last year on a $400 million valuation,” WalkMe — a digital adoption platform company — has made an acquisition to beef up its presence in mobile. According to Techcrunch Abbi uses a variety of machine learning and AI techniques to find those right moments.

The company said that it collects some 300 session parameters per second and correlates those with the piece of content that it might show you (whether it’s an offer for a product, or a suggestion of an app you might like, or something within the app that might interest you), and it also uses those parameters and resulting big data lookalike profiling to develop a profile of your own “emotional sentiment” at a given moment. It also provides predictive analytics to give you an idea of how to target future audiences.



Boaz Amidor
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to WalkMe Blog