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July Wrap Up: Biased Tech, CX Strategy & Digital Readiness

July Wrap Up: Biased Tech, CX Strategy & Digital Readiness

July Wrap Up: Biased Tech, CX Strategy & Digital Readiness
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By Boaz Amidor

Cut through the content noise and go straight for value. We hand selected these 9 articles on technology, CX strategy, and digital readiness just for you.

How AI will advance our creative thinking

The future of AI in the workplace is a hot topic. However, the discussion usually takes a negative tone anticipating a huge loss of jobs in favor of automation. In this article by Venturebeat, Tim Sox discusses a big positive, specifically, how AI can free up human resources from mundane tasks to focus on innovation.

Different Brands Have Different Reasons To Improve Customer Experience

Wondering why you should be investing in customer experience? The need to improve CX is not created equally in every industry. Rather than just blindly following the hype, examine and define exactly why it is important for your brand. In this Gartner article, Augie Ray segments and details the CX equation for brands in verticals with unique situations. Determining why CX strategy is important for your business is the first step of solid strategy.

Technology Is Biased Too. How Do We Fix It?

“An increasing body of research and criticism suggests that algorithms and artificial intelligence aren’t necessarily a panacea for ending prejudice, and they can have disproportionate impacts on groups that are already socially disadvantaged, particularly people of color.” -Laura Hudson

Machines have long been viewed as objective decision makers. But what if we were wrong? FiveThirtyEight argues that our algorithms are as bias as their makers, and this handicap is threatening the equality of social systems.

What you want, when you want it. Key trends in modern UX design

In the past two decades, the role of design has come a long way. Today, following the example of giants such as Google and Apple, user experience has become an inseparable aspect of brand strategy. In this article by SDTimes, Alexandra Weber Morales looks to leaders in the field to identify emerging design trends. Read up on how your business can tackle the next frontier of design. 

Three Key Questions And Answers About How To Make Digital Transformation Go Right

Following up on the webinar “Your Digital Transformation Is Not Bold Enough — Five Actions To Take Now,” Forrester shares commonly asked questions surrounding the topic of digital transformation. Liz Herbert addresses many crucial point such as employee resistance to change, picking the right partner and when to use cloud tech. A great read for anyone managing a transformative process in their business

Nearly Half of Companies Say They Don’t Have the Digital Skills They Need

“Pew tries to define “digital readiness” for us by looking at a number of key attributes, such as confidence in getting technology to work properly, awareness of and ability to use e-learning, and ability to ascertain how trustworthy a digital source is. It’s worthwhile for any organization to look at the Pew definition while trying to figure out exactly how good (or bad) its digital IQ may be.” -Jeremy Goldman, Harvard Business Review

This Startup Netted $75 Million to Wring The Most Out of Your Software

This article by Fortune showcases the organization behind the world’s leading Digital Adoption Platform, a tool helping enterprise and Fortune 500 companies digitally transform their businesses. WalkMe’s DAP has proven its value for many companies, attracting financing to push the vision even further. Read Barb Darrow’s scoop on WalkMe’s plans to make software adoption effortless the world over.

The Genius Problem-Solving Method Elon Musk Learned From Aristotle

According to Elon Musk, continual application of the First Principle perspective was critical to his business success.  First articulated and named by Aristotle, this article by INC details what First Principle thinking means for invention and innovation. David Straus makes a case for adopting his four-part process for First Principle Thinking.

Artificial Intelligence Is Stuck. Here’s How to Move It Forward.

Judging from the buzz around AI, it might seem like the field is improving in leaps and bounds. According to the New York Times, the reality is less exciting. “A.I. systems tend to be passive vessels, dredging through data in search of statistical correlations; humans are active engines for discovering how things work.” We have a long ways to go to create intelligent machines, Gary Marcus  gives his take on how to bridge the gap.



Boaz Amidor
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to WalkMe Blog