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WalkMe – The Ultimate Online Tutorial Service

By WalkMe Team
One of the major reasons many website tend to lose customers is because of visitors getting to their site and not knowing what to do. This is exactly where an online tutorial service can help solve this problem. No matter how smart, savvy or informed a person is, they are usually not going to be able to interact with every kind of processes or feature used in the online environment which can sometimes result in confusion and poor user experience. For businesses and companies to claim back this crowd of confused but willing clients assistance in the form of tutorials has proven to be immensely helpful. As an online tutorial service, WalkMe is the best solution. WalkMe is easy to use, looks great and is used by major companies all over the world to assist their users and employees in performing even the most complex tasks with relative ease. Using WalkMe’s online tutorial service you will create beautiful Walk-Thrus that will meet every one of your needs. Walk-Thrus are easy to create, and inserting them into HTML based programs is very easy. Another wonderful benefit of WalkMe is the ability to implement step-by-step guide that can help a user complete tasks or do just about anything on your website. As visitors perform tasks or complete a process through your website or apps they receive on-screen instructions in the form of sequential balloons. The WalkMe editor allows you to create error-free tutorial using a point-and-click interface. WalkMe supports all the major browsers and our extremely useful features allow you to customize your welcome screen so you can welcome visitors to your Walk-Thru. You can redirect users to just about any URL within your website, make Walk-Thru play automatically when visitors enter your site and provide a way to move them to the second step by skipping steps, without arming the process. Instruction balloons can be set in any part of your website and you have the power to make visitors delay the display time during playback. There are also advanced options for you to make settings that are relevant to your preferred website or app needs. If the process you want to explain has branches or division you can use the WalkMe branch options so that the branch process can be actualized. Colors make graphics come to life and this is one thing that WalkMe understands clearly and has included in their system. As you create your Walk-Thrus you have the power to choose the kind of colors that you prefer so that your graphics can be colorful and attractive. WalkMe online tutorial service is available in numerous languages. This means that you can provide tutorials on your website for different parts of the world to promote the globalization of your business empire. It is delivered in full API so that you can make use of your imagination to the fullest. The overall business benefit you recieve includes reduction in help desk costs, increased conversion rate and usability and elimination of end user confusion. In the WalkMe online tutorial service there is no integration, download or installation, and it can be created within minutes using customization features.


WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.