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WalkMe SuperEdit: New Tool for Salesforce Report Editing

WalkMe SuperEdit: New Tool for Salesforce Report Editing

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By Lacie Larschan

WalkMe, the leading digital adoption platform (DAP), has released a second SuperTool for Salesforce, SuperEdit, which enables inline editing directly in reports.


SuperEdit allows Salesforce users to view and edit reports at the same time, making it much easier to keep critical records up to date.




Adding to the  SuperTools kit, SuperEdit will join SuperSearch as a FREE tool for any Salesforce user to immediately begin using by installing the WalkMe browser extension here.


After testing and using SuperEdit with our internal team, it has become abundantly clear that this much needed feature can benefit every Salesforce user looking to improve their workflow.


By cutting out the tedious in-between steps, Salesforce users can save time and improve their productivity. SuperEdit eliminates the frustrating need to open each individual record to modify details and save in turn.


SuperEdit allows a user to tweak, correct and revise all standard and custom fields as they appear in the report. With SuperEdit, only one click is needed to change a lead status, approve commission metrics, fill in contact information.


Any Salesforce user can begin using WalkMe SuperEdit and SuperSearch by installing the WalkMe browser extension available here.



Lacie Larschan
Lacie Larschan is the Content Marketing Director at WalkMe and covers a range of topics related to SaaS, technology, business, marketing and sometimes politics.