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SF World Tour 2018: Dreaming of Dreamforce & The Future of Work

By Dannah Cahn

It has been a wild ride and one we were proud to take part in.


As Salesforce continues to grow their global community, the Salesforce World Tour is becoming a powerful connector for the world’s digital leaders.


WalkMe attended the festivities this year in Sydney, Boston, NYC, London, and Paris. Here is what we learned:

Salesforce World Tour: What is it all about?

The Salesforce World Tour is a series of global conferences that bring the Salesforce community together to learn, connect, inspire, and prepare for their flagship event, Dreamforce.

In the sea of attendees is a mix of current and potential Salesforce customers, partners, Admins and Developers. Bringing all these pieces of the Salesforce puzzle under one roof allows this amazing global community to evolve and share insight to help drive Dreamforce.


For us, Salesforce World Tour is a time to meet new people, catch up with some of our favorite customers and join in the global conversation about the future of work. If you missed us this time around, be sure to find our booth at the upcoming Dreamforce!

The Highlight Reel: Important takeaways from SWT 2018

Salesforce emphasizes the need for a digital champion

The Salesforce’s “trailblazer” concept took center stage this year.


A trailblazer is an in-house Salesforce expert and advocates who help propel business goals using their in-depth knowledge of the platform. To this end, Salesforce has built an educational system called Trailhead for Salesforce admins looking to enrich their knowledge of the system.


Salesforce understands that in order for their tool to make a real impact, organizations need a committed and knowledgeable champion to drive their digital assets and maximize the value of their platform. Promoting this program is aimed to help anyone change their career, change the business they work for, or even change the industry that they are in.

Attendee demographics reflect shifting attitudes about digital

The Salesforce World Tour has become visibly more popular from year to year. This season, the events filled up faster than ever before, and on average more than 25% of the audience were C-level, VP and Directors.


This an exciting change and one that has been long overdue. As more organizations realize the need to streamline their digital assets, business leaders understand they cannot separate “digital” from the core business strategy as they had in the past. With so many corporate leaders getting excited about digital, the energy at At Salesforce World Tour 2018 was truly contagious.



Commitment to equality in tech and business

Equality is at the core of the Salesforce brand, and was echoed throughout the World Tour events. The day’s closing keynote in Sydney was about “Australia and the Age of Equality,” where it was argued that as much gusto should go into closing the equality gap as is spent on new products and markets.


Salesforce believes that creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart business move. Diverse companies are more innovative and better positioned for success in the digital age.




PwC talked about digital transformation with Salesforce Lightning

Change is challenging, especially digital change. PwC showed that with the right infrastructure, mindset, strategy and action, it is possible to drive transformation with innovative tools. The session was called “PwC Delivers Digital Transformation with Salesforce Lightning.”

We were honored to be mentioned by PWC during their speaking sessions at the various Salesforce World Tour events.


Dreamforce is right around the corner

The whirlwind that of the past few months has definitely whet our appetite for the main course — Dreamforce 2018! What we know so far:

  • The event will take place in San Francisco, September 25-28.
  • There will be 170,000 andentees and 2,700+ breakout sessions
  • Trailblazing will be a core tenet of the conference
  • WalkMe will be there!


For the early packers in the crowd, start prepping your suitcases with our Dreamforce. For more Dreamforce news, stay tuned on our blog and social channels.


Dannah Cahn
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