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Lead from Anywhere: Uttam Agiwal on Navigating Disruption through Digital Adoption

By Shoshana Friedman

Uttam Agiwal, the Senior Manager of Product & Technology at T-Mobile joined WalkMe’s CEO Dan Adika to speak about how digital adoption and other advanced technology are the guiding lights through times of disruption.

Agiwal shared how T-Mobile is maintaining communication with thousands of its employees by utilizing WalkMe’s shoutouts in their applications. This is especially beneficial to inform T-Mobile’s vast remote workforce about process changes related to COVID-19 or managing customer requests – and ensure that important notifications don’t get lost in a sea of emails.

Within the webinar, Agiwal gives an interesting take on remote work and how it has failed in the past. He cites that today we have more sophisticated technology, like digital adoption solutions, to facilitate working from home. At T-Mobile for example, they use WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform on 28 applications across their business.

Take a sneak peek at Uttam Agiwal’s fascinating webinar:

To hear more of Uttam Agiwal’s timely insights, go here to watch the full webinar.

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Shoshana Friedman
Shoshana's background in product and user experience gives her writing a focus on the human aspect of the business and technology landscapes. Her unique UX angle allows her to assess the digital era in a way that is both practical and insightful.