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By WalkMe Team
Our friends at Zendesk recently posted on customer service trends currently on the rise. Though we agree on several of their points, I think it’s necessary to expound upon certain trends they briefly glossed over. Among others, they mention self-service in their trends report. However, I think this is more than a fad or trend, but an actual movement of customer service. People are beginning to become more familiar and comfortable using the resources at hand to solve the problem themselves. It could be scouring an FAQ page, tutorial videos, or the rest of a company’s knowledge base. Obviously, this is also a trend which WalkMe is built upon by supplying interactive tip balloons to help users through their tasks. WalkMe’s new search engine feature also endorses self-service by providing a one-step tool that will search through a company’s entire knowledge base as well. The current customer lives in a DIY-centric world. Solving an issue has become an empowering hobby that continues with customer service. In her latest guest post, our own resident customer service expert, Stefanie Amini, discusses the current self-service market and her view on where it’s headed. All in all, we agree with Zendesk’s view on the customer service industry but we felt obligated to discuss one of the trends in greater detail as believe self-service will only continue to grow. Zendesk also provided their findings on self-service in this creative infographic.


WalkMe Team
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