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By WalkMe Team

When Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007, they changed how every product thenceforth views their own UI. The first of its kind, touch screen and gestured controlled, seamlessly introduced the world to the smartest phone and OS to date. Instead of bulky and cluttered UI, Apple went with the simplest and most intuitive system they could design. You can see remnants of their swipe and touch controls in several competitors’ products. It’s not just a coincidence.

However, they once again changed their own UI rules with last week’s introduction of iOS 7, a flatter and more minimalist design compared to past software updates. According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, iOS 7 is the biggest change to the platform since the introduction of the first iPhone.

Though the update won’t be available to everyone until this fall, the media and developers have lauded its beauty and simplicity.

Apple frequently receives credit for their UI, however, maybe not as often as they deserve. It’s easy to forget exactly how groundbreaking the first iPhone was with it’s hardware AND software. If iOS 7 is as amazing as they say, I won’t be surprised to see Samsung and others “borrow” from Apple once again.

You can check out a full review of the changes and upgrades from iOS 7 courtesy of The Verge.

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WalkMe Team
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