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How WalkMe is Like America’s Cup – View from the Valley

How WalkMe is Like America’s Cup – View from the Valley


By Kevin Goldberg

As America’s Cup ramps up and races in the San Francisco Bay from now through the end of September, we are privileged with an excellent view of their course. Watching them practice also got me thinking: WalkMe and sailing have a lot in common. These incredible machines are based on a few key traits, most notably navigation, precision, and efficiency.

First, imagine the catamarans as WalkMe and the sailors are users. Prior to their current exquisite boats, most users are stuck with a crummy rowboat – having to work harder to achieve their goals and get to their desired destination. WalkMe is a more efficient and helpful alternative. WalkMe has shown to shorten the training gap from turning an amateur to a pro, and also cuts the wasteful time a person spends scouring FAQ pages and/or tutorial videos.

Second, think of the racing markers as the steps in WalkMe. In the race there are markers set throughout the course each sailboat needs to pass through in a specific order before finishing the race. Finishing the race is the ultimate goal for the sailors, and the steps help along the way.

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So there you have it, WalkMe surprisingly relates perfectly to America’s Cup. I join the rest of the WalkMe team in wishing all the sailors the best of luck throughout the races!

Bonus Pic: Our Customer Success Manager, Jacquie, working intensely on the infographicphoto (49)


Kevin Goldberg