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By WalkMe Team
If you’re unfamiliar, the Bay Bridge connects San Francisco with the East Bay. Hundreds of thousands of cars cross it each day. However, the eastern span was in desperate need of an upgrade with concerns it couldn’t withstand the force of a large-scale earthquake – a problem San Francisco is unfortunately familiar with. Construction began in 2002 on one of the most advanced-engineered bridges in the world. Seriously. The bridge span is set to last at least 150 years with proper maintenance and can withstand the largest earthquake expected in 1500 years. Even though the bridge is set to be an engineered marvel, one of the smallest pieces put the entire bridge at risk. 3 inch bolts failed their testing this past March. The stress was too much for the bolts, causing them to snap. But what can this teach us? The smallest details can still have an enormous impact. With your website, something seemingly miniscule, like user experience can drastically affect the overall success. Here are some alarming statistics: So keep that in mind the next time you consciously overlook something you deem as unimportant.


WalkMe Team
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