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WalkMe and Microsoft Partnership Case Studies Showcase DAP Success

WalkMe and Microsoft Partnership Case Studies Showcase DAP Success

By Shoshana Friedman

In April of 2020, WalkMe and Microsoft announced an exciting partnership in which WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is offered on Microsoft 365 Dynamics for customers and partners. 

Since this announcement, WalkmMe’s DAP has been implemented by a number of different companies. And so far, the results have been fast and impressive.

Here we’ve compiled two case studies from distinct organizations so you can see the impact of digital adoption solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 through training, support and enhanced user satisfaction. 

IE Business School & DAP

IE Business School ranks as the number one online distance MBA program worldwide and the top 3rd European business school. To handle a growing roster list, IE employees use Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM.

The School’s Innovation department saw an opportunity to improve employees’ experience. They implemented WalkMe to provide on-screen guidance and to house a robust in-application help center. They deployed Smart Walk-Thrus to guide employees through various workflows, SmartTips to provide contextual information on-screen, and a variety of easily accessible resources, documents, videos, and tutorials to augment the learning and support experience. 

The results after DAP implementation: 

  • 82% increase in employee engagement
  • 30% reduction in support tickets

WalkMe has helped us streamline communication across internal and external platforms: in our CRM as a knowledge provider and on the online application platform as an on-the-spot engagement tool. WalkMe has been integral in reducing support costs while driving user engagement and adoption.”

~Andreea Ionita
Business Innovation, IE

The National Association of Federal Retirees & DAP

The National Association of Federal Retirees is one of Canada’s largest volunteer organizations. Throughout Canada, they advocate and help the association’s 180,000 members with financial security, health and well-being The association relies on over 800 part-time volunteers at 80 different branches to run programming and assist the greater community.

Training those volunteers on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform proved to be a time-consuming process. Federal Retirees received over 40 support questions weekly around usability and processes. Over 2,000 training hours annually were spent on both phone support and in-person training sessions across the country. Moreover, the organization regularly incurred an excess of 16 hours of work for onboarding new volunteers monthly. 

The organization needed a way to simplify the platform and guide volunteers through its use, frustration-free. That is where WalkMe came in. SmartTips and ShoutOuts provided contextual guidance for volunteers to leverage real-time in-application self- help. Additionally, with the help of WalkMe’s Launchers, volunteers could quickly access reports in the CRM that improve service and build member engagement.

The results after DAP implementation:
– 70% reduction in volunteer onboarding time
– 75% decrease in support requests
– Smooth transition from Microsoft Dynamics to Microsoft Dynamics 365

“WalkMe has become our first step in training new volunteers as well as retraining regular and occasional volunteers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s the perfect tool for getting familiar with the system, as well as getting a refresher on less common tasks. Best of all, WalkMe helps the work get done. It’s far more effective than asking someone to watch a video or read a how-to.”
~ Alex Charette
Client and IT Support Services Associate, National Association of Federal Retirees 

DAP and Microsoft going strong

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an extensive application with hundreds of thousands of users. As demonstrated by these two WalkMe case studies, onboarding and training are ramped up, adoption and engagement increases, and support queries decrease.  The partnership between WalkMe and Microsoft is only growing, and we are excited to share with you more findings and personal stories from different companies across the globe.



Shoshana Friedman
Shoshana's background in product and user experience gives her writing a focus on the human aspect of the business and technology landscapes. Her unique UX angle allows her to assess the digital era in a way that is both practical and insightful.