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WalkMe Looks To American Presidents for Guidance

By WalkMe Team
Today’s President’s Day in the US. While most of us enjoyed the day off, our Customer Success Director – Amy Clark- spent the day reflecting on our leaders. She was particularly inspired by JFK and is writing an article on Customer Service lessons inspired by American President’s Day. “Ask not what your customer can do for you but what you can do for your customer” is the theme in Amy’s article. She offers three questions that you should be asking yourself to ensure your customers are receiving the highest quality of customer care. #1 – Whose needs are being met ? #2 – Are your customers getting value for money? #3 – Is a high, professional standard of Customer Service being delivered? By taking these considerations into account, you will be better able to satisfy your customers’ expectations. Never take your customers for granted- remember they are the driving force of your company; they are individuals- they have to feel must receive personalized and satisfying customer service. Happy President’s Day!


WalkMe Team
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