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WalkMe’s Must-Reads: June Edition

By WalkMe Team
Each month we assemble a list of the most interesting articles across a wide range of topics, including user and customer experience, product and change management, employee productivity, marketing, sales, and more. We hope you enjoy reading and learning from these article as much as we did.

1. Say Goodbye To Knowledge Workers And Welcome To Learning Workers

We start off with Jacob Morgan, a well-known writer in the field of developments and futuristic technologies. In this article, he discusses a topic which is highly familiar in most work places – the transition from hiring based on previous knowledge, to hiring based on the skill to learn and adapt. Nowadays, he says, the emphasis should be on the ability to learn rather than on having the skills to do everything. Learn how this shift is reshaping the structure of teams and the employee training dynamic.

2. Six Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Timeline

The growing demand for mobile-based solutions has led to apps taking center stage. The need to be “first-to-market” puts a lot of pressure on developers, who need to overcome the challenge of longer development cycles (in comparison to traditional web applications.) This created a struggle between the need to finish quickly and the need to create a compatible, user-friendly product. This article offers a list of pro tips to get the best of both worlds, and create a great app, quickly.

3. Google Is Letting Places Text Us (But Will We Just Ghost?)

This article is all about ‘Nearby’ – a new geo-active feature for Android phones that offers location based notifications. This is Google’s attempt at taking advantage of the massive amount of location data and Google’s information database. Here, Mark Wilson examines the new feature, compares it to Google’s current similar app, “Now,” and tries to predict whether it’ll be a success, in spite of problematic UX, and its form of activation.

4. Why You Should Attend Conferences To Elevate Your Brand

Many marketers think that attending conferences is a bit redundant because they have already established their brands, say John Rampton, before he begs to differ. In this interesting post, Rampton details three major reasons why marketers should not skip conferences, and how they can further elevate an already solid brand. He also mentions a few useful tips marketers should remember before packing up their bags.

5. 25 Quotes From The Future of Digital Marketing 2016

Continuing the important conclusion from the last article, Ben Davis attended a conference titled “The Future of Digital Marketing” and took some insightful notes. These pearls of wisdom, about Bots, Advertisement, Humanity Virtual Reality, the structure of the marketing department and more are definitely worth reading. For example “It took the telephone 78 years to get to 100m users. It took Candy Crush one year.” – Matthew Lerner

6. 7 Fitness-Inspired Tips for Building Your Business

This one will get you in shape. John Boitnott takes inspiration from common health tips, and finds interesting similarities to the business world. Mentioning the important connection between body and mind, Boitnott reminds us of the importance of building endurance, motivating ourselves, remembering to strength train, and even to eat healthy.

7. Millennial CIO Explores Augmented Reality, Intelligent Assistants

Get a glimpse into the future with this article, where SAP CIO Thomas Saueressig explores the growing impact of virtual reality on enterprises, with a special focus on better workforce productivity and higher customer satisfaction. From global meetings with holograms, to making a sales pitch to virtual clients, and even VR employee training – the future is in virtual reality, and the possibilities are endless.

8. What Marketers Need to Know About Chat Apps

Public messaging and sharing is going private. The numbers shown in this article by Mark Schaefer speak for themselves. The world has changed once again as users, especially the younger generation, prefer closed and intimate chats rather than sharing everything with the world. This is evident by the growing popularity of Snapchat, the fact Twitter added private messaging, and that Facebook’s messenger is gaining more popularity than the social network itself.

9. 13 Content Delivery Networks to Speed Up Your Website

By now, every business should know that “speed” is a significant keyword when it comes to website content delivery. One of the ways to get your website up-to-speed is by using a CND (Content Delivery Network). In this article, Grace Smith emphasizes the importance of choosing a CDN to fit your specific requirements and needs, and presents the 13 CDNs available today.

10. Top 10 emerging technologies from the World Economic Forum

Which technologies are about to change the world? Sharon Gaudin shares here a list of the top 10 emerging technologies that are about to change our lives. The list, which was put together by The World Economic Forum, includes nanosensors that will circulate through the human body, a battery that will be able to power an entire town and socially aware artificial intelligence that will track our finances and health.

11. Which Online Marketing Strategy Has the Best ROI?

A must read for marketing professionals, this article by Jayson DeMers explores the various online marketing strategies available today. Then, DeMers goes over the pros and cons of the most common online marketing strategies and offers tools to better analyze the effort and resources put into a marketing strategy, in comparison to what you get in return. So what will it be for you? Email marketing, social media marketing, or perhaps SEO and content?

12. It Took 16 Years for Salesforce to Finally Become Part of this Exclusive List of America’s Largest Companies

One small step for SaaS, a giant leap for Salesforce. The global CRM leader has finally made it to the big players’ list – Fortune 500. Here, Eugene Kim recalls Salesforce’s journey to the top, and reminds us how this Salesforce milestone is further evidence of the SaaS industry in becoming a dominant player in the enterprise world. And this one was about WalkMe – and we enjoyed it a lot

13. WalkMe Raises $50 Million from Insight Venture Partners in a Series E Fundraising Round

This past month, we announced the successful completion of a Series E fundraising round, in which WalkMe raised $50 million from Insight Venture Partners. With the completion of this Series E round, the company has raised an aggregate amount of $92.5 million. If you think your friends would enjoy our recommendations of stories from around the web, forward this email and invite them to sign up at


WalkMe Team
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