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WalkMe Releases Salesforce SuperSearch for FREE

WalkMe Releases Salesforce SuperSearch for FREE

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By Lacie Larschan

WalkMe is now offering the Salesforce SuperSearch FREE to any and all Salesforce users.


This SuperTool, developed in-house, was created to shave off critical seconds for every search query and improve the workflow of our employees. Now, this tool has been made available to the public at no cost.


“This was a need we saw in our company. Our sales reps were looking for one point of data, but having to search and then dig. Now when they use our Salesforce SuperSearch they are able to find the answer straight away, not just the location of the answer.”

–Roy Gilad, WalkMe Product Manager


But the Salesforce SuperSearch isn’t just for sales representatives. This tool can help any Salesforce user whether they are using the software for marketing, service, or anything in between.


“The decision to make this available seemed obvious. Here we have a great tool that is valuable to many of our customers – but our focus isn’t on search so we didn’t want to divert more resources to just maintain charging for it. It takes less effort to release it for free and if it helps make using Salesforce easier, then we are fulfilling our mission of making the Internet easier to use.”

–Dan Adika, WalkMe CEO and Co-Founder


Make your next Salesforce search super and download the extension today.



Lacie Larschan
Lacie Larschan is the Content Marketing Director at WalkMe and covers a range of topics related to SaaS, technology, business, marketing and sometimes politics.