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WalkMe Reports on Sales Trends from Social Insights

WalkMe Reports on Sales Trends from Social Insights

By Lia Ciner

Our newest social report on ‘How to Drive Sales Through Anything’ is here.

WalkMe invited The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling’s Brian G. Burns
to discuss how the COVID-10 pandemic is affecting salespeople and what techniques and values are enabling success in the face of a crisis.

The full candid video conversation (above) with WalkMe’s Creative & Content Manager, Lia Ciner, was live-streamed on LinkedIn. Smaller clips of the videos were also posted on Brian’s podcast and personal page. The response was incredible.

Salespeople across all industries and in all role levels liked, shared, and commented on the discussion. With over 350,000 views, 7,500 likes, and over 1,400 comments, the data was analyzed for enlightening and practical sales insights.

It can be challenging to guage what the right moves are when you find yourself in an unprecented situation. The new remote work reality has certainly put a new strain on employees across all departments.

But the sales org especially, has tremendous pressure to perform and drive revenue. What better way to understand how salespeople are succeeding during this time than to gather insights from their comments?

Find the full report here.


Lia Ciner
Lia specializes in analyzing and forecasting the development of corporate culture in the digital era. Her experience in both NGOs and high-tech gives her a unique perspective and passion for exploring psychology, global business trends, and how technology is impacting the evolution of our culture.