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Website Navigation Tools: Why You Need Website ‘GPS’

Website Navigation Tools: Why You Need Website ‘GPS’

Website Navigation Tools: Why You Need Website ‘GPS’
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By WalkMe Team

Kids today may never know what it was like to take a road trip without GPS. Lucky them. The pains of cross-country navigation are nearly extinct. The days of manually mapping a route, getting lost, and having to figure out where you are gone. So long as you have a signal and enough battery life to keep you going.

Similar to the rise of GPS navigation, an increasing number of organizations are using WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform to install “GPS” like guidance into their online platforms.

Soon, the pains of navigating through websites will also be forgotten as the next generation of web navigation tools make it effortless to get from point A to point B online.

Say goodbye to confusing UX with this website navigation tool.

What are website navigation tools?

A website navigation tool is the part of a website that helps the user successfully get from one point to another. Typically, websites have these tools built visibly into the design, like a navigation bar at the top of the page or a search bar that allows the user to search for particular information within the site. With user experience in mind, website navigation tools should, ideally, help the user to get from point A to B in the fewest clicks possible.

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Tools like a navigation bar, breadcrumb trail, or site map provide a map for the user to read and navigate through the site themselves.

For example, if a user starts from the home page and clicks through multiple pages to reach their final destination, it is helpful for them to see a breadcrumb trail of how they got there.

Traditional Website Navigation Tools Don’t Always Work

Currently, most online systems rely on “fold out map” style navigation for users to know where they are, how they got there and where they should go next.

Website navigation tools are usually found as a part of the URL or as a clickable list at the top of the page. But, just like how printing out directions for a road trip may not be as helpful as using a GPS, these navigation tools can often fall short of giving the user an optimal experience.

An optimal website navigation experience includes directions for where to go, not just where you have been. And to make it even more helpful, navigation should include how to get there.

The Best Website Navigation Tool is WalkMe’s DAP

Fortunately, WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is the GPS of website navigation tools.

When a user is not sure how to get from A to B, or wants to know the most efficient way, WalkMe will provide onscreen guidance to take them on the best possible route to get there.


Website Navigation Tools


In the same way we trust a GPS to tell us at the right time when to turn next, users can trust WalkMe to show them where to click or look to next when they need help.

Walk-Thrus, which are step-by-step guidance balloons that point the user to where they need to go, are one of the main and most popular apps.

Beyond the balloon guidance, other WalkMe apps such as ShoutOuts and Launchers help draw user attention to certain parts of a site. A ShoutOut is similar to a pop-up message and can play on a site when you want to let the user know that there is guidance available. Launchers are buttons on the page that start WalkMe apps.

For example, when the user needs help, they may want to click on a “Help” or “Guide Me” launcher to help them through a potentially difficult process on the site.

Try WalkMe for free to help users navigate your website more easily.

Instantly Upgrade to “GPS” Website Navigation

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One of the great things about the WalkMe DAP is that it does not require making any changes to the existing, underlying website. Instead, WalkMe layers the DAP on top of the existing website.

This means that you can have it now.

Having the Digital Adoption Platform now means you have the power to instantly reach each and every user of your platform with the exact information they need. It’s the difference between having a map in the trunk or a GPS installed in the dashboard.

So simplify your website and get WalkMe today.



WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.